Real Madrid poses with the Copa del Rey trophy in Cibeles | 17-04-14


A crown for a new king who couldn’t be stopped

He was shoved out. He could have dived. He could have taken the foul and slowed the game down. Instead, he stayed on his feet, knowing more than anyone that nothing could stop him. Gareth Bale stepped up, and now there are no doubts. Madrid will remember this one legendary run for years to come. [Art by Kendall Henderson. Words by Eric]

Iker presents the Copa del Rey trophy to the fans in Cibeles | 17-04-14 
Drunk Xabi at Cibeles | 17-04-14 

something never changes 




16 April 2014: Dear diary,

Today I won Crissy a title. BESTESTESTEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :”’) OMG!!!!

P.S.: I might hate playing against Barcelona less now. ^^


bunny bun bun awh